Semi Permanent Make Up

Imagine waking up to perfect brows, smudge proof eyeliner or just being able to gloss and go with your lips. Semi Permanent Make Up has never been more readily available and versatile.

Micropigmentation is the process of implanting pigments under the dermal layer of the skin with a machine to create a semi permanent tattoo. Why only semi permanent? By using pigments instead of ink (like a  traditional tattooist) these will break down over time and be absorbed into the body. This is why we recommend regular top ups of your treatment at 9-12 months to keep your brows, eyeliner or lips looking as immaculate as when you first had the treatment.

We offer consultations to all clients prior to treatment if requested, to discuss all your requirements and concerns fully.

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Tilapia scales were first used in the medical industry for bandages due to their high levels of type 1 & 3 collagen, which rapidly heal the skin.


dark lips

Lip line blended into the lip for a blush effect. Various colours available and liner can be applied over the natural lip line to balance out any unevenness and create the appearance of fuller lips. £350